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Useful information in planning disposal of PCB containing equipment!

Within the scope of UNDP/GEF project "Environmentally sound disposal of PCB containing equipment and waste in Latvia", basic information has been prepared to facilitate planning of disposal of PCB containing equipment, as well as to carry out any related activities in an environmentally sound manner.

The informative material contains basic information about the steps, useful contact information, advices, information about basic principles that have to be observed in order to ensure safety during decommissioning, storage and transportation of the equipment. We hereby invite enterprises, holding PCB containing equipment, to acquaint with this information prior to starting any of the previously mentioned activities (available in Latvian version only).

At the same time we would like to inform that currently we are carrying out an inquiry in order to obtain information on how enterprises are planning the disposal and whether would be interested to participate in the Project. Currently there are 12 enterprises participating in the Project, but there are about 68 other enterprises in Latvia, holding PCB containing equipment. Therefore, a support system will be developed within the Project to assist those other enterprises in planning the disposal of PCB containing equipment. Within the scope of the support system it is planned to offer the enterprises to hand over the equipment for disposal in the 2nd phase of the Project (spring/summer 2008), providing that enterprise covers expenses related to transportation and disposal.

Should you be interested to find out more about the Project, please contact Project manager Ieva Bela, phone + 371 7 845 111 or e-mail

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