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According to the Environmental Investment Fund (the Fund) strategy, one of the Fund's major activities is the Awareness raising about the current successful realization of the environmental project related issues.
The main components are:

  • Organization of informative seminars (including - visit of project realization places)
  • Specialized interactive site maintenance
  • The preparation of guidelines for the project implementers
  • External tutorials of Fund specialists

In the framework of main activities the Fund on a regular basis organizes regional seminars, including outings to the successfully realized project places and informing the society of following:

  • Preconditions for the successful environmental project realization
  • Planning and implementation process of the environmental projects
  • Opportunities to attract funding for environmental projects
  • Imposing monitoring
  • Other challenges and issues of the environmental projects

The employees of local government and other interested parties  have opportunity on a regular basis get valuable information from both the can and the Fund's own specialists and implementers of projects for each of the successfully implemented environmental projects for the implementation of etap.

Better public information on environmental issues, in 2010 the EEA project "the latest technological solutions for the successful implementation of environmental projects" within the Foundation has developed specialised internet site, in which the point within the entire collection with the environmental challenges related information.

Development stage in the Fund's guidelines for the preparation for a successful project, which will be created as additional material to those local workers who take decisions in the implementation of projects, funding sources and distributes them.


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