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Bioenergy Promotion 2 - from strategies to activities (Bioenergy Promotion 2)

Project duration

2012. - 2014. January (24 months)


The flagship project of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Bioenergy Promotion will be continued in the framework of the “extension stage” instrument of the Baltic Sea Region Programme. To increase the impact of the developed strategies for deployment of sustainable bioenergy, the Extension Stage will trigger action on various levels: public procurement, corporate strategies of utility companies, proposing incentives within the reviewed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Rural Development Policy and Regional, Structural and Cohesion Funds.

Furthermore, the project strives to be available to Baltic Sea Region relevant transnational forums such as the “Baltic 21”and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The strategic outputs on sustainable deployment of bioenergy are provided in close cooperation with the responsible actors for strategic and political discussion focusing on the Baltic Sea Region Strategy and Action Plan.

On a more practical level, the Extension Stage activities will also provide direct support to seven demo regions implementing "Strategic Management Plans". These plans have been developed during the main stage project phase and include the “Bioenergy Promotion” sustainability criteria and are integrated concepts to increase the use of bioenergy within a region but without harming the environment or posing a threat to food security. The project will give practical advice and training on how to mobilise local people, create acceptance for modern bioenergy applications and on general coordinating activities necessary to start the implementation process.

Project objective

Bioenergy Promotion 2 continues the work started during the Main Stage of the project. The objective is to extend the strategic outputs of the main stage project into the Baltic Sea Region and national political arenas including also local and regional administration and utility companies.

Main activities

The overall objective of the Extension Stage is to implement key final results of the Main Stage via demonstration, testing and transfer activities. In order to achieve this, a €œVirtual Bioenergy Promotion Support Secretariat€ will be established with the following tasks:

  • Assist/advise demo regions in capacity development, implementing their bioenergy strategies and promoting transfer to other regions and municipalities in the BSR;
  • Establish links to public and private utility companies in order to promote validation and testing of the sustainability principles and criteria developed during the MSP;
  • Feed MSP results into policy formulation processes on a macro-regional and transnational level within and beyond the BSR;
  • Feed MSP project results into EU funding programmes;
  • National conference organization and project results presentation.

Project budget

Planned project budget ~ 1,5 MEUR. LEIF contributes to the Project as Project partner with amount 101 420 EUR (including self-financing 15%).

Project partners

Agency for Renewable Resources, Germany
Region Zealand, Denmark
Roskilde University, Denmark
Forestry Development Centre Tapio, Finland
Motiva, Finland
Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony, Germany
Environmental Policy Research Centre, Germany
Latvian Environmental Investment Fund, Latvia
Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania
Nordic Energy Research, Norway
Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery - Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster, Poland
Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden

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