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Project duration:

2013. – 2016. (30 months)

Description: The action aims at creating preconditions for overcoming barriers and identifying skills gaps in the various professions, in order to meet the 2020 targets in the building sector related to increased energy efficiency of buildings. The long - term objective of the action is promoting the increase of the capacity of the building industry workforce for the delivery of high-energy efficiency renovations. In the short-term the action will promote the increase of the number of qualified workers in the building industry in Latvia. Within the framework of the action two continuing education programmes and training materials will be elaborated for the building industry workforce: one for energy efficient engineering systems and one for energy efficient envelopes. The programmes will be licenced in six training institutions. A training of trainers will be carried out thus creating preconditions for the availability of skilled building workers for building energy efficient buildings in Latvia. The action will involve major relevant actors, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the Ministry of Welfare, the Latvian Builders Association, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, six vocational education competence centres representing all regions of Latvia, and others.

Project objective:

Promote availability of skilled workers who have the knowledge and skills of low-energy buildings and the renovation in the construction industry.

Main activities:

  •   Establishment of the experts' group for elaboration of the training programmes established.
  •   2 developed continuing education programmes and training materials elaborated for provision of training for building industry workforce: 1 for energy efficient engineering systems and 1 for energy efficient building envelope.
  •   Licences issued for two continuing education programmes to at least 6 training institutions.
  •   35 trainers selected and trained to become providers of elaborated training programmes.
  •   The continuing education programmes tested, 50 workers trained.


Project budget:

Total budegt of the project  0,48 MEUR 


Project partners. The consortium consists of 7 participants -

Latvian association of Civil Engineers

Latvian Environmental Investment fund

Riga Planning Region

Kurzeme Planning Region

Vidzeme Planning Region

Zemgale Planning Region


Project is financed by

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