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UNDP has supported the government in development and strengthening of good governance and civil society in Latvia. UNDP particularly provided significant input in development of the following areas: social integration, human rights, HIV/AIDS, environmental protection. Although UNDP finalized it's activities in Latvia at the end of 2005, UNDP environmental unit continues to work on realization of various new projects in the area of environmental protection.

Considering that Environmental Investment Fund facilitates realization of environmental projects by investing financial resources in implementation of environmental infrastructure development projects, UNDP commenced cooperation with Environmental Investment Fund.

Realization of the first cooperation project "Economic and cost-effective use of wood waste for municipal heating system in Latvia" was commenced in 2004. Within the scope of the project Environmental Investment Fund developed and successfully executed a financial loan mechanism for financing of municipality projects. To find out more about the project please view: "Use of biomass in heat production"

In 2006 UNDP commenced cooperation with Environmental Investment Fund in realization of the project "Environmentally sound disposal of PCBs containing equipment and waste". In this project Environmental Investment Fund has a more significant role than in implementation of the previous one, since the Fund will not only develop financial loan mechanism for replacement of PCBs containing equipment with environmentally friendly technologies, but will also act as the coordinating body for the project implementation. To find out more about the project please view "Persistent organic pollutants: PCB"

In August 1st, 2010 UN Office in Latvia was closed, therefore there was a need for a new national agency for project implementation. Due to Fund's past successful activities in Global Environmental Fund's and UN development programme co-financed project implementation assurance, Fund was chosen as the most appropriate institution to carry out function of national agency for project implementation. More about the project read section: "Demonstrating and promoting best techniques and practices for reducing health-care waste to avoid environmental releases of dioxins and mercury"

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